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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Latest news: Suzanne Orr

Report into ACT voluntary assisted dying bill published

27 recommendations; the Canberra Liberals reject the bill; and the ACT Greens call for measures for people with dementia.

ACT Legislative Assembly’s first sitting week of 2024

Light rail, hospital wait times, and cost of living were once more debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly's first sitting week for 2024.

Free period products for ACT women

Free period products will become available at more public locations across the ACT, the local government announced.

ACT Labor MLA’s disability bill will be ‘profound shift’ in equality

Labor MLA Suzanne Orr intends to introduce a Disability Inclusion Act for the ACT, removing barriers for people with disability.

Suzanne Orr wants menstruation and menopause policy for ACT

Labor MLA Suzanne Orr will introduce a motion calling for a menstruation and menopause policy to be developed in the ACT Public Service.

ACT Government to end textile waste

Labor MLA Suzanne Orr yesterday called on the ACT Government to set up a textile hub for the circular economy.

ACT online problem gambling bill causes problems

Debate over a Labor bill to protect online gamblers has been deferred after the Canberra Liberals accused Labor of profiting from gambling.

ACT Legislative Assembly debates housing, education, business, bins

Business, housing, waste collection, and education were among the topics debated in the Legislative Assembly’s third siting week for 2022.