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Jim Chalmers’ third budget will have a surplus of $9.3 billion for this financial year

The third Chalmers’ budget will deliver a surplus of $9.3 billion for this financial year – the second successive surplus of the Albanese government.

The good news is the government plans to cancel $3 billion in student debt. The bad news is indexation will still be high

Every year on June 1, student debt in Australia is indexed to inflation. In 2023, high inflation pushed the indexation rate to 7.1%, the highest since 1990.

What do teachers do in the school holidays? They work, plan, and rest

Many people believe teaching is an easy job involving short days and long holidays. Anyone working in the profession, however, will tell you this is not the truth.

Who will write the rules for AI? How nations are racing to regulate artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a label that can cover a huge range of activities related to machines undertaking tasks with or without human intervention.

Just the beginning: 7 ways the Women’s World Cup can move the dial on women’s sport forever

On top of the historic 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup result, the Matildas captured the hearts of a nation.

View from The Hill: It’s just too hard and too late to delay and recalibrate Voice referendum

With the polls showing public support for the Voice flagging, some people believe the referendum should be deferred.

Are Russian transfers of Ukrainian children to re-education and adoption facilities a form of genocide?

Throughout Russia’s war against Ukraine, there have been countless reports of alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity. Now, there are also allegations of genocide involving the forced transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia.

Why does night shift increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Here’s what we know so far

A landmark study using clinical data from the mid-1990s found nurses working at night had an increased risk of breast cancer.

Plunger, espresso, filter? Just because your coffee is bitter, doesn’t mean it’s ‘stronger’

Coffee – one bean with many possibilities. A big choice is how to brew it: espresso, filter, plunger, percolator, instant and more.

View from The Hill: The Liberals would be better off with Morrison out of parliament

Liberal frontbencher Karen Andrews wouldn’t be alone among her colleagues in believing Scott Morrison should quit parliament.

Labor’s lead narrows in three new national polls; and seat polls galore

The final Resolve poll for Nine newspapers, conducted May 12-17 from a sample of 2,049, gave Labor just a 52-48 lead by 2019 election preferences.