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Latest news: Tik Tok

Warnings TikTok could usher in a ‘digital cold war’

The TikTok debate has fuelled a global furore over privacy, data collection and state influence that threatens to divide the internet down geopolitical lines.

TikTok privacy breach allegations under spotlight

Concerns social media giant TikTok breached Australian privacy laws through its data harvesting practices are being looked at by the information commissioner.

TikTok banned on ACT government-issued devices

The ACT Government has banned the installation of TikTok on ACT Government-issued devices due to security concerns with the social media app.

Meet Canberra TikTok star Finn Burton, creator of ‘Rich Aussie Mum’

Meet Finn Burton: she's arguably Canberra's biggest TikTok star with 620k followers to date. Creator of the 'Rich Aussie Mum' skit, Finn sat down with CW to chat internet stardom, Netflix red carpets, and mental health.

TikTok made me buy it

In 2022, we learnt that TikTok is rising as an e-marketing king, especially for the younger generations.

Survey reveals Australia’s music habits

TikTok is becoming the main place for people to hear new music and under-35s are more keen to find new artists than older Australians, a new survey shows.

NSW boy’s death may be linked to dangerous Tik Tok trend

The death of a 12-year-old Wollongong boy may be linked to a Tik Tok trend that encourages children to steal cars and lure police into high speed pursuits.

Canberra TikTok star Avneesha now on the airwaves

Canberra social media sensation and hip-hop artist Avneesha Martin is turning her hand to radio after cultivating her TikTok following.

Are you on Canberra TikTok?

If you’re old enough to have jammed out to Kesha’s Tik Tok then you’re likely considered “the older generation” by those on TikTok the app. It started as an app named Musical.ly, and...

Canberra Daily’s 2021 in review: February

Canberra Daily’s February 2021 highlights include a dramatic Page stabbing, a regional breakdown of the 2020-21 ACT Budget, and more.

How to do it yourself, whilst being yourself: Canberra TikTok Star ready to release EP

Local TikTok star and independent music artist, Avneesha, is pioneering her way forward in the digital world with the motto “how to do it yourself, whilst being yourself”.  The triple threat actor, singer...