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Latest news: Tinder

Tinder campaign reminds Canberrans of positive consent laws

Canberra users of the dating platform Tinder will be reminded of the ACT’s positive consent laws for sexual activity, in a police campaign.

Melbourne’s ‘Tinder swindler’ jailed after stealing over $100k

Melbourne's "Tinder swindler" Christopher Collins, who stole thousands of dollars off women he met on dating apps, has been jailed for 22 months.

Melbourne ‘Tinder swindler’ blames victims

A Melbourne man who swindled more than $100,000 off women he met on dating apps continues to point the blame at his victims, a court has heard.

5 tips from an expert on finding love in lockdown

Relationship journalist and founder of Bad Dates of Melbourne and Bad Dates of Australia, Alita Brydon, sat down with Canberra Daily to share her expertise on finding love in lockdown via digital dating.