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Latest news: Tom Adam

ACT election thoughts: Tom Adam (Phillip Business Community)

Tom Adam, president of the Phillip Business Community, assesses the ACT Government's performance in the lead-up to the upcoming election.

Phillip Business Community ‘desperate’ about street maintenance

Tom Adam, president of the Phillip Business Community, says the ACT Government has neglected to repair broken footpaths and potholes.

Does ACT Small Business Strategy meet the sector’s needs?

The ACT Government’s Small Business Strategy 2023-26, released last week, has been both praised and criticised by business leaders.

Evaluating the ACT’s biggest ever grants program

More than a thousand Canberra businesses have been surveyed about pandemic financial support - but is it simply a public relations exercise?

Many ACT businesses still recovering from 2021 lockdown

The 2021 lockdown officially ended in mid-October – but many local businesses are still recovering 10 months later, according to Tom Adam, president of the Phillip Business Community.

Canberra businesses need consumer confidence to survive

The “shadow lockdown” has meant a difficult start to 2022 for Canberra businesses, and they want the government to restore confidence.

Post-lockdown economic recovery predicted

The Chief Minister predicts an upsurge in economic activity now restrictions have ended. Local businesses are glad, but say they need support.

Small Business Hardship Scheme delayed by another month

The ACT Government said its COVID-19 Small Business Hardship Scheme would begin in October – but the Scheme won’t start until mid-November.