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Friday, June 14, 2024

Latest news: Tornado

US girl survives tornado that lifted house in New Orleans

A tornado that ripped through a New Orleans suburb lifted one house into the air and dropped it onto the middle of a street with a family of three inside.

Death, despair after US tornado outbreak

Rescuers have combed through fields of wreckage after a tornado outbreak roared across the middle of the US, leaving dozens dead and communities in despair.

Tornado lashes NSW town of Armidale

The regional NSW city of Armidale is cleaning up after a late night tornado cut a swathe of destruction leaving thousands in the Northern Tablelands without power.

Big clean-up ahead after NSW tornado

Residents have a big clean-up ahead after a tornado ripped through central west NSW, injuring three people, destroying homes and sheds.

Tornado rips through central west NSW

A tornado has ripped through central west NSW, injuring three people, tearing down powerlines and destroying buildings and trees in its path.