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Latest news: Transport Canberra

ACT Government relaunches 1980s bus safety campaign

In May 1989, the fledgeling ACT Government launched a Bus Safety Rap video, featuring Lyneham High School students, Neighbours actors, and pseudo-American accents. It was a different world: an age of big hair,...

Deal sealed for more weekend buses in ACT

From April, buses will run more frequently on Saturday afternoons, after a new enterprise bargaining agreement has been reached.

Canberra bus spotter’s got a ticket to ride

The last ever passenger to ride the very last bus (Route 65) to Woden Interchange before it was demolished was local bus-spotter Kyle Hanley.

Smart ticketing system MyWay+ coming to ACT

The ACT Government has signed a contract with technology company NEC Australia to design MyWay+, a public transport smart ticketing system.

New bus smell as first of ACT’s zero-emissions fleet hits the road

Commuters may notice a new ‘car’ smell on their way to work in coming weeks, as the ACT’s first battery-electric bus hits the road. The first of a dozen Chinese-made Yutong E12s that are on a five-year lease to Transport Canberra commenced service on Wednesday 25 January.

Canberra’s bus routes chopped in 2023 timetable

Bus routes will be reduced next month due to disruption caused by raising London Circuit and building the new Woden bus interchange.

Become a bus driver – Canberra’s passengers need you

Have you ever considered becoming a bus driver, and helping Canberrans get where they need to go? Transport Canberra wants to hear from you.

ACT school bus services to restart next week

From Monday 25 October, dedicated school transport routes will resume as more Canberra students head back to school. Deputy Director-General of Transport Canberra and City Services, Ben McHugh, said 230 dedicated school services...

Lockdown bus timetable reflects 90% drop in patronage

A temporary weekday bus schedule will be active from Wednesday 25 August until further notice, in response to the ACT’s evolving COVID-19 public health situation. Following the snap lockdown on Thursday 12 August,...

UNSW Canberra students lend expertise to ACT’s light rail

UNSW Canberra PhD students lent their brains to Transport Canberra and City Services, helping data management over a six-month internship.