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Latest news: Unemployment

Unemployment rate hit 48-year low in June

The unemployment rate plummeted to 3.5 per cent in June, the lowest rate in 48 years, as Australia's great jobs boom continued.

New JobTrainer courses provide more free training for Canberrans

One thousand more free training places are now available through the JobTrainer program to young or unemployed Canberrans wanting to skill up with a new qualification in 2022.

ACT employment figures are recovering

ACT employment figures are climbing back to pre-lockdown levels, and the ACT once more had the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

ACT has second highest unemployment levels in December

Last month, the ACT had the second highest level of unemployment in Australia, according to the ABS Labour Force report.

Unemployment rate likely rose again in October

Australia's unemployment rate is now looking less likely to breach five per cent as feared when the country's major states first went into lockdown battling the coronavirus Delta variant.

Unemployment rate to rise in weakened economy

The rapid decline in the unemployment rate to a decade low looks set to come to an end, a casualty of multiple virus restrictions across the country in recent weeks.

Australia’s unemployment rate drops to 4.9 per cent

Australia's unemployment rate dropped to 4.9 per cent in June, the first time it has fallen below five per cent in over a decade.

1.8 million left or lost job in COVID year

A year of COVID-19 uncertainty has stopped many people from job hopping, while others have given up on finding a job because they can't afford or access child care.

Re-designing the future workforce

In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) meets humanity and in the wake of a pandemic, the question ‘what will the future of work look like?’ has never been so uncertain. According to...

Employment post-JobSeeker remains steady according to ANU analysis

Employment and hours worked have remained steady, despite the ongoing pandemic and the scaling back of JobSeeker, a new analysis shows.

Post-JobKeeper, unemployment could head north of 7%: here’s why

It’s not just the end of JobKeeper that will push up unemployment in April according to The University of Melbourne's Roger Wilkins.

Canberra job seeker uses Coronavirus Supplement to invest in health

The Coronavirus Supplement allowed Tiffany Lee to break out of a ten-year "cycle of hopelessness" and improve her health.

JobSeeker cuts to impact over 1,000 Canberra jobs

Cutting the JobSeeker rate on 25 September could result in a loss of up to 1,120 full-time equivalent jobs in Canberra, according to a recent study.