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Thursday, June 13, 2024

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A twist on theatre sports could counteract a stutter

Add speech therapy to theatre sports and you get a brand-new experience that’s hoping to deliver positive changes for people with a stutter.

Social media, low self-compassion behind rise in cosmetic surgery

A recent study by the University of South Australia (UniSA) found that young women who regularly engage with social media were excessively self-judgemental and more likely to consider cosmetic surgery.

Study seeks to improve understanding around chronic pain

Researchers from the University of South Australia studied how young people understand chronic pain, in hopes of helping sufferers “debunk pain myths” and better manage their symptoms. Lead researcher and pain expert, Dr Hayley Leake says that where people think their pain is coming from matters, as unhelpful beliefs can prevent them from accessing the best care.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to premature death, new study finds

It’s the vitamin that we get from the sun, yet despite its ample availability, one in three Australian adults still suffer from mild, moderate or severe vitamin D deficiency.

Long term high-fat diet causes diabetes, worsens Alzheimer’s

New research by University of South Australia shows that fatty foods may not only be adding to your waistline but also playing havoc on the brain. An international study led by UniSA neuroscientists...

Stopping family violence in Australia starts with protecting children

They’re our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, yet despite protection initiatives and support services, between 50,000 and 100,000 children are abused or neglected each year in Australia.

Genetic differences impact your heart health

Diets and training methods aside, when it comes to heart health, research from UniSA shows that a far more personalised approach is needed – and it all starts with your genes.

Life in lockdown: health-wise, it’s better than you think

While Victorians continue to endure restrictions from a second wave of COVID-19, new research from the University of South Australia is providing much-needed good news about people’s overall health and wellbeing following lockdown.

Historic medical buildings offer pandemic lessons

UniSA architecture researcher, Dr Julie Collins, suggests that in the current pandemic, there is much to be learned from the design of historical health buildings.