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Latest news: University of South Australia

Exercise at the heart of a good night’s sleep: UniSA study

A world first study from the University of South Australia shows that getting a good night’s sleep is tied to how you structure your day, with exercise at the heart of sleep quality.

Innovative ‘bluefield housing’ concept tackles housing crisis

Co-locating homes on single suburban allotments to create smaller and more socially connected living options could help address the nation’s housing crisis, according to a University of South Australia researcher.

Love scrambles the brain and scientists can now tell us why

Love is blind, the saying goes, and thanks to a world-first Australian study, we are now a step closer to understanding why.

Stop digital criminals with basic cyber hygiene practices

Amid an escalating global cybercrime bill – now estimated at AUD $12 trillion a year – cybersecurity experts are calling for a new, more transparent, and collective approach to address cyberattacks. While 99...

Almonds a good snack for healthy weight and heart, research finds

New research from the University of South Australia, funded by the Almond Board of California, shows that you can eat almonds and lose weight too.

Sport, sleep or screens: app reveals ‘just right’ day for kids

Not too sport heavy, not too sleep-deprived – finding the ‘just right’ balance in a child’s busy day can be a challenge and a world-first app could provide a much-needed solution. Developed by...

Groundbreaking research aims to personalise cancer treatment

Cancer Council SA-funded researcher Associate Professor Stephanie Reuter Lange from UniSA hopes that a simple computer program can help personalise treatment for cancer patients.