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Latest news: University

Australians demand long-term vision from politicians

Australians want more forward-thinking politics, according to a new report published by university thinktank EveryGen.

Gonski for universities: Fund higher education like schools, new report

Australia should fund universities like schools, according to a new report released today by Victoria University’s Mitchell Institute.

Palm cockatoos beat to their own drum, ANU study finds 

Australia’s palm cockatoos are well-known for their unique love of drumming, but they don't just have great rhythm - they also each have their own sense of style when it comes to crafting their tools, a new study from The ANU has found.

ANU to employ professional staff to improve student safety on campus

In a bid to tackle sexual assaults and sexual harassment, the Australian National University is planning to invest in professionally-trained staff to improve student safety at on-campus residences. In 2022, the ANU received...

Committee rejects proposal to freeze student debt

A proposal to abolish indexation of student debts and raise the minimum income required to start repayments has been rejected by a parliamentary committee.

Can university students learn empathy in their degrees? New research says yes

University students who complete community placements as part of their degrees develop a greater sense of empathy than those who just learn theory, new research has found.

Graduates burdened by student debt in committee’s focus

Australian university graduates could face the biggest increase to their student debt in decades due to rising inflation.

Shooting at top Philippine university kills three

Three people including a former mayor have died in a shooting at a university graduation ceremony in the Philippines.

University sector at a crossroads: report

Free undergraduate education and thousands of new university jobs could be a reality if the federal government lifts spending on higher education, a landmark report says. 

UC hire Craig Mutton as first Chief Digital Officer

The University of Canberra has hired Craig Mutton as Chief Digital Officer, a new position focused on the student digital experience.

Rural university students receiving support for stressful transition

First year University of Canberra student Mason Forrester had a smooth move to the capital earlier this year from his home in Nowra.

Stories from sharehouses of horror

Sharehousing is quite a niche experience. Here's a few ‘horror housemate' stories for your entertainment, and educational purposes.