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Latest news: UNSW Canberra

ACT Government approves UNSW Canberra master plan

The ACT Government has approved the UNSW Canberra City campus master plan for the new $1 billion campus on Constitution Avenue.

Who gained, who lost while working from home during pandemic

A research study into the impacts of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has found that people with disabilities gained the most, men were less able to collaborate, and employees with caring responsibilities particularly benefitted.

Dairy Road precinct turns to rammed earth construction

Ground-breaking research by UNSW Canberra into the use of rammed earth in building construction is helping with the Dairy Road development, which is set to be Canberra's most environmentally-friendly residential neighbourhood.

Under 25s buckling under housing stress, 214% more than baby boomers

Under 25-year-olds are 214 per cent more likely to struggle with housing stress compared to over 65s, a UNSW Canberra study suggests.

Research to mitigate bushfire risks on ACT urban fringe

Research to mitigate the risk of bushfires on Canberra’s urban fringe is being undertaken by UNSW Canberra and the ACT Government. 

ASX 100 company directors ill-equipped for cyber attacks: UNSW Canberra

A UNSW Institute for Cyber study has demonstrated a significant skills gap around cyber security awareness and resilience among ASX 100 company directors. 

Gen Z YoWIEs return to UNSW Canberra in 2022

“Intrinsically, we all deserve the same things. And a part of that is being given the same environment and opportunities, an equal playing field for all of us.” - LEOMA BAHNTOFF, 17. This...

UNSW Canberra discovers how bees navigate

Bumblebees possess impressive sensorimotor strategies that can solve complex navigational problems, an UNSW Canberra study has found.

UNSW Canberra could end Australia’s reliance on foreign satellites

A new UNSW Canberra study has revealed a suite of Australian-designed and built meteorological satellites that could be an exciting answer to the Bureau of Meteorology’s future needs. Since Australia doesn’t own or...

UNSW Canberra students lend expertise to ACT’s light rail

UNSW Canberra PhD students lent their brains to Transport Canberra and City Services, helping data management over a six-month internship.

Teenage girls pick up the tools at UNSW Canberra YoWIE 2021

From 12-14 January, 100 young women have been part of the fifth annual UNSW Canberra Young Women in Engineering (YoWIE) program.

A bee-autiful breakthrough for robotics research

UNSW researchers have discovered that bumblebees are aware of their own size, which could lead to a robotics breakthrough.