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Latest news: Vaping

ACT Government: $2 million to reduce risky health behaviours

Four organisations have received Healthy Canberra Grants funding across six projects targeting vaping and drinking.

ACT Greens: Helping young people quit vaping

ACT Greens MLA Laura Nuttall's first motion passed the Legislative Assembly: better supports for young people struggling with vaping.

Young Australians overestimate vaping among peers: ANU

E-cigarette use is seen as widespread, common and normal among young Australians even though hard data indicate that the clear majority of teens have not vaped, a first-of-its-kind study from The Australian National University (ANU) shows.   

New survey launched to better support young vapers

Laura Nuttall MLA has initiated a new survey aimed at gaining insights into the vaping patterns of young people throughout the ACT, with an emphasis on enhancing their access to support services.

New year changes to bring vape ban, boosted payments

With the new year, there's new rules, regulations and tweaked government benefits. Topping the list of new or altered policies is a ban on importing disposable, single-use vapes that's due to kick in...

ACT grants to reduce vaping and excessive drinking

Applications are now open for $2 million in Healthy Canberra Grants to promote vaping cessation and reduce alcohol-related harm.

Heavy metals, nicotine, arsenic in retail vape products

Widely available vape products have been found to contain toxic heavy metals, carcinogens and nicotine, according to new tests.

Tobacco tax hiked to stamp out vaping and smoking

Revenue from a federal budget hike in tobacco taxes will go towards programs to reduce smoking rates and vaping.

Treasurer warns vaping is hurting health and the budget

The treasurer says the switch to vaping is leaving a hole in the federal budget, but the "incredibly concerning" health crisis is the main priority.

Children ingesting nicotine reason for vaping crackdown

Dozens of children under the age of four ingesting nicotine has been cited by Health Minister Mark Butler as one of the reasons for a crackdown on vaping laws.

Vaping risks confirmed, increasing use among young Australians

E-cigarette use among young Australians has increased “alarmingly” in recent years, as a major peer-reviewed study led by The ANU confirms the health risks vaping poses.

New Queensland laws target illicit tobacco and vapes sold to kids

People using vapes will not get a pass in no-smoking areas and there will be a crackdown on tobacco chop shops under new laws proposed for Queensland.

Queensland parliamentary inquiry to examine vaping risks

A parliamentary inquiry will look into the health risks of vaping and how many young people are using e-cigarettes in a bid to further slash smoking rates.

Pharmacy scheme put on hold in win against big tobacco

Last week, the world’s largest tobacco company was called out by one of Australia’s leading medical organisations for offering incentives to pharmacies that would sell their vaping products.

E-cigarettes are harmful and addicting youth: ANU report

E-cigarettes, or vapes, are causing harm and risk introducing a new generation to smoking, warn experts from The Australian National University (ANU) following their government report into vaping. 

Dangerous vaping products seized in Canberra raids

Two out of three vaping products seized from three Canberra businesses had dangerous and prohibited ingredients inside.