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Latest news: Varroa mite

Class action buzz as NSW beekeepers seek varroa payout

Beekeepers will seek millions of dollars in compensation in a potential class action against the NSW and federal governments after their hives were destroyed in a bid to stop the varroa mite.

NSW beehives in eradication zone to be destroyed over mites

Beehives in parts of NSW will be destroyed whether they're invested with varroa mites or not, as the state response moves into the "euthanasia and disposal phase".

Australian scientists buzzing about varroa mite pesticide

Australian scientists are working to develop a world-first, hormone-based pesticide that is safe for honey bees but fatal to varroa mite.

ACT restricts movement of honey bees, hives and equipment

Movement of honey bees and used apiary equipment into the ACT is now restricted following the recent detection of Varroa destructor, a species of parasitic mite that attacks European honey bees, at the Port of Newcastle in NSW.