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Latest news: Vegan

January Health Foods: one-stop gluten-free shop

Belconnen recently welcomed a game-changer for the local coeliac community, with the opening of January Health Foods, Canberra’s first gluten-free specialty store.

Canberra’s best vegan restaurants

Here is a list of Canberra's best vegan restaurants. Click if you're looking for delicious vegan-friendly food in Canberra.

Dining review: Monster Kitchen and Bar’s 2023 winter menu

Plant-led restaurant, Monster Kitchen and Bar has introduced a new winter menu filled with artistic and innovative dishes, curated by culinary mastermind, Matthew Bentley.

Flavourful salad recipes for Earth Day

Today, 22 April is Earth Day 2023. Given that 7,000 litres of water is needed to produce a single pound of beef, compared to only 147 litres per pound of vegetables, one person going meat-free for one day a week can save 500 litres of water per meal! Look no further for some unique salads to spice up your veggie intake, straight from the horn of Africa.

Catching up with Stefania, lingerie model and role model in lingerie

It’s been over five years since Stefania Ferrario – one of the most famous models from the national capital since Lara Cox - graced the cover of Canberra Daily. Now that she’s ‘made it,’ the 29-year-old is using her platform to speak up about animal rights, with millions watching.

Recipes for a very veggie Christmas

Tired of having to stick to green beans and potatoes at Christmas dinner? Want to bring more than coleslaw to the Boxing Day barbie? We have you covered for show-stopping meat-free sides...

Nutritionist debunks vegan myths

What would happen if we all went vegan? Studies suggest that by 2050, food-related greenhouse gas emissions, which account for a third of all greenhouse gases, would be cut by 70 per cent...

To the editor: ‘Nutritionist debunks vegan myths’

This letter to the editor is in relation to the article titled ‘Nutritionist debunks vegan myths’ (CW, 2 February 2022, page 21) based on the “views” of Nina.

Vegan feast

Myth busted: Vegans don’t get enough protein. Viral nutritionist, Naturally Nina says that as long as you’re eating a variety of plant-protein rich foods throughout the day, you’ll be full and satisfied. Falafel Serves...

Your Canberra district vegan wine encyclopaedia

CW's Canberra district vegan wine encyclopaedia puts all your questions at ease when it comes to choosing the right local vegan wine.

What is, and isn’t, vegan? Your questions explained

Whether you’re vegan, or know someone who is, this article is for you. Canberra Daily answer your most googled vegan related questions.

Rainbow Nourishments vegan dessert recipes on the rise with Instagram stardom

Rainbow Nourishments vegan blogger Anthea Cheng who has more than 209,000 Instagram followers shares how she made an income as a influencer.

Date night desserts

Treat your favourite person to a delicious date night dessert for Valentine’s Day or any other time!