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Latest news: Walter Sofronoff

ACT corruption watchdog investigates Walter Sofronoff

The ACT Integrity Commission will investigate the conduct of Walter Sofronoff, who led a board of inquiry into the criminal prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann.

Bias found in report against Lehrmann trial prosecutor Shane Drumgold

ACT's former chief prosecutor Shane Drumgold has successfully challenged findings of a report into Bruce Lehrmann's rape trial.

Justice ‘denied’ in review of Bruce Lehrmann rape trial

The prosecutor in charge of Bruce Lehrmann's rape trial is trying to have damning findings against him struck out.

Sofronoff asks ACT Chief Minister to retract ‘unethical’ claims

Walter Sofronoff, the chair of the inquiry into the prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann, has demanded the ACT chief minister retract suggestions about his conduct.

Sofronoff report tabled: ACT Government commits to reforms

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr officially tabled the report of the Board of Inquiry into the Criminal Justice System in the Australian Capital Territory – better known to the public as the Sofronoff report into the Brittany Higgins case.

Brittany Higgins calls out police conduct in rape investigation

Several officers who investigated Brittany Higgins' rape allegations are on leave and could seek compensation for the impact of the case on their mental health.

Aftermath of the Sofronoff report

Opposition leader Elizabeth Lee claims that the ACT Government's lack of leadership undermined faith in the criminal justice system.

Barr: Sofronoff ‘breached his good faith to me’

Walter Sofronoff KC's release of the report to media might have breached the Inquiries Act 1991. The ACT Government is considering action.

Sofronoff could face probe over leaking Lehrmann inquiry report

The ACT government is seeking advice on whether legal action will be taken following the leaking of a high-profile inquiry report.

Federal police demand urgent release of leaked Lehrmann report

Federal police are demanding the urgent release of a leaked report into the Brittany Higgins rape case.

Liberals demand Chief Minister release Sofronoff report immediately

The Sofronoff report into the Higgins/Lehrmann trial will not be released for another month, but the Canberra Liberals have called on the ACT Government to release it immediately.

Lehrmann inquiry exposes delicate balance of justice

After 13 days of public hearings, nine witnesses and the receipt of more than 100,000 documents, an inquiry is about to consider what went wrong during Canberra's biggest trial in years.