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Latest news: War

Israel says ground forces operating across Gaza Strip

"The Israel Defence Forces continues to extend its ground operation against Hamas centres in all of the Gaza Strip," a spokesman says.

AWM commemorates 30 years of Unknown Australian Soldier

This Remembrance Day, Saturday 11 November, marks 30 years since the Unknown Australian Soldier was interred at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Legacy’s centenary torch relay from battlefields to visit Canberra

Legacy commemorates 100 years of service, and the Legacy Centenary Torch Relay will visit Canberra next week.

A world away from war, Russian community prays for peace

As the Russian-Ukrainian war rages thousands of kilometres away, the small Russian Orthodox Church community in Narrabundah is quietly praying for peace. Father Alexander Morozow says he is opposed to the war...

NMA’s exhibition of power and beauty introduces Ukrainian tour

In a bid to show continuing support for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, the National Museum of Australia has introduced a Ukrainian audio tour for the Feared and Revered exhibition.

Devastating impacts of ‘War in Cities’ in focus at Gorman Arts Centre

The International Committee of the Red Cross offers an insight into War in Cities at Gorman Arts Centre from 31 May- 6 June.

Australian War Memorial unveils Dambusters secrets

Commemorating 80 years since the Dambusters Raid, the Australian War Memorial has unveiled the Sorpe Dam 3D model.

Russian forces step up strikes on key cities in Ukraine

Russian forces have been besieging Ukrainian cities in the eastern Donetsk region for months in the longest battle in more than a year of war.

Russia presses Ukraine front after Bakhmut slowdown

Russian forces are attacking northern and southern stretches of the front in Ukraine's eastern Donbas region, even as Kyiv says Moscow's assault is flagging near the city of Bakhmut.

Russia hits Ukraine with missiles, drones as Xi departs

Russia has blasted an apartment block in Ukraine with missiles and swarmed cities with drone attacks in a display of force as President Vladimir Putin bid farewell to his visiting "dear friend" and Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Ukraine digs in as Russia claims gains in Bakhmut

Ukraine's military says it has managed to push back intense Russian attacks on the city of Bakhmut despite a Russian claim of control over its eastern half and the NATO chief's warning the city could soon fall.

Fleeing war in Ukraine to seek safety in Canberra: a mother’s story

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Inna and Kyrylo lived in Kharkiv. Within a month of the war, they were displaced people living in Canberra.

Ukrainian Ambassador in Canberra urges Australia to attend Ukraine peace summit

Ukrainian Ambassador Vasyl Myroshnychenko spoke to Canberra Daily about his latest visit to Ukraine and Australia-Ukrainian relations.