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Latest news: Whales

Elusive pygmy right whale is a homebody hiding in our waters

The smallest member of the filter-feeding family is one of the only whale species not to embark on seasonal migrations, new research finds.

An expert explains the stranding of 97 pilot whales in WA and their mysterious ‘huddling’ before the tragedy

Sad scenes are unfolding in Western Australia after a pod of pilot whales became stranded on a beach late on Tuesday.

Humpback whale freed after eight-hour rescue on NSW coast

Two vessels were called to free a whale entangled in a series of lines and floats off the NSW south coast.

More stranded whales euthanised in Tasmania

The carcasses of about 200 whales that died in a mass stranding on Tasmania's west coast will be buried at sea over the coming days, after more animals were euthanised. 

Dozens of stranded whales die in Tasmania

Only 35 of 230 beached whales are still alive after a mass stranding on Tasmania's West Coast as rescue-and-release efforts continue.

White whale calf a rare sight off NSW coast

There's one newborn hogging all the attention off the NSW coast; a southern right whale calf born whiter than usual.

Orcas seen killing world’s largest mammal

Killer whales are hunting down and killing blue whales, the largest mammal to have ever lived on earth, Australian researchers have discovered.

Warning for whale watchers after Narooma incident

NSW Police have urged whale watchers and skippers to be aware of their surroundings during this season’s whale migration, after an incident on Sunday saw a breaching whale land on top of a boat off the coast of Narooma.