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Latest news: Word of the year

‘Cozzie livs’ chosen as Macquarie’s word of the year

'Cozzie livs' may be two words but that hasn't stopped Macquarie Dictionary naming it as the 2023 word of the year.

Australia’s Word of the Year: ‘Matilda’

ANU experts have picked ‘Matilda’ as their Word of the Year, marking the popularity of the Australian women’s soccer team. 

Frustration over vaccine rollout inspires word of the year

Australia’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout, which made headlines both at home and abroad in 2021, has inspired the Australian National Dictionary Centre’s word of the year.

Iso chosen as ‘typically Aussie’ word of the year

In a year dominated by COVID-19 the Australian National Dictionary Centre has chosen iso as its Word of the Year from a very long list of pandemic-related terms.