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Latest news: Youtube

Content queen designs gender-neutral baby line

“We had a baby!” Last time we spoke to Canberra YouTubers Chelsea and Natalia Brunton, their fanbase was babbling on the arrival of their first born. “We had kept the sex a complete surprise,...

Sky News boss slams YouTube after ban

Pandemic misinformation broadcast by Sky News Australia is amongst thousands of Australian videos removed from YouTube for code violations.

Meet Canberra YouTube star Susie J Todd

When Susie Todd quit her fulltime job as a teacher’s aide to pursue a career on YouTube, she had no idea she would gain a combined 847,000 followers in just a couple...

Review: Dear Social Media

A documentary released last week shares an influencer’s battle with bulimia, as she teams up with experts to reveal eating disorders in Australian adolescents may be in epidemic proportions. Stephanie Bailey (stephaniemaii_x),...

Content queens: meet Canberra YouTubers Chelsea and Natalia

Over the past six years, Canberra YouTubers Chelsea and Natalia Brunton have produced “a time capsule” of their life and times through vlogging.

The best movies streaming in June 2020

Australia’s streaming providers Netflix, Stan and SBS On Demand have recently uploaded a bounty of fresh movies for your viewing pleasure in June 2020.

Local team keeps music Live in Ya Lounge

For punters and musicians you can’t beat the energy of a live gig, but Live in Ya Lounge founder Rob Cartwright has come very close with his new venture.

YouTube reviews: Kurzgesagt & Dude Perfect

It’s easy to get lost down the YouTube rabbit hole, so we’ve done some YouTube reviews of two of our fave channels to keep you entertained and informed. Dude Perfect If you’re after some...