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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dr Alan Moran

Dr Alan Moran

Energy issues in the Commonwealth budget

Energy and climate issues were front and central in the latest Commonwealth budget.

Australia’s government-induced transition to a high-cost, unreliable electricity supply

Australian governments are forcing a “transition” in electricity supply from coal (and gas) to wind and solar. Though the ACT has virtually no electricity generation other than that from rooftops, it leads the way in terms of its purchasing contracts for grid-sourced renewables.

The stumbling journey of EVs

The forecast triumph of electric vehicles (EVs) is facing headwinds.

Will 2024 mark a turning point?

The ACT projects itself as a pioneer in the global movement towards “Net Zero” emissions of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases”.

Australian farms among most productive in the world

Aside from farmers’ skills, a nation’s agricultural potential is dependent on three key variables: good rainfall, plentiful sunshine and secure rights over the land that is being used for farming purposes.

ACT energy policy denies consumers choice

On 8 December, the ACT became the first Australian jurisdiction to ban gas connections to new housing developments.