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Canberra’s best burgers

Canberra's best burgers

From classic comfort to gourmet innovations, Canberra is home to a many wonderful spots serving up delicious burgers. Whether you love a big greasy beef burger with plenty of toppings, a chicken schnitzel burger or even a veggie option, there is sure to be something for you across Canberra.

If you are a real burger nut, check out @_all.aboutburgers for more detailed reviews of individual burgers in Canberra and across Australia. Their post below ranks the top 10 burgers in Australia and the top 10 in Canberra.

So, here are some of the best burger places in Canberra.

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Fricken is a local, family-owned business bringing Canberra their secret fried chicken recipe.

Along with fried chicken boxes, Fricken also has several burgers, including the Fricken burger, spicy slaw burger, teri-fricken-yaki and the griller thriller. For vegans, they also have the fregan burger which features a fried cauliflower fillet.

Logan left this five-star Google review: “Really enjoyed the Spicy Slaw Burger. Love the size of the chicken piece and the large pickle!”

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The G Spot

Located in the Gungahlin Lakes carpark, The G Spot is loved by locals for their delicious and unique food.

The food truck offers up a range of different food and their burgers are hugely popular. They have many different burgers, including the G burger, double scotch, fat bastard, chicken deluxe and more. You can also snag yourself one of their indulgent deep fried mars bar or kit kat for dessert.

Konrad left this positive Google review: “The food from The G Spot is awesome. Best burgers in Canberra by a mile and the staff are always really happy to serve you. Haven’t had a burger this good since the Dog House food truck from “back in the day.”

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Brodburger is a beloved institution in Canberra serving up a range of big, delicious burgers across three locations (Kingston, Fyshwick and Phillip).

For beef lovers, they have their classic Brodburger or the more indulgent deluxe that has bacon and eggs as well. They also have burgers featuring chicken, fish, lamb, vegetables, salmon, steak plus more and hot dogs as well.

Brodburger is simply a must try if you are a burger lover in Canberra.

George Anderson left this five-star review on Google: “Blown away, exceptional classic style burgers that are fresh, hearty, generous, and leave you feeling nourished and content! A real everyday burg, 12/10.”

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