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Canberra’s best hairdressers

Canberra’s best hairdressers

Are you looking for a fresh new haircut? Or maybe some highlights, colouring and styling or to feel relaxed with a blow dry? With so many different cuts and styles available, it can be hard to know where to start when you are searching for a new hairdresser. If you’re looking for the best hairdressers for women in Canberra, then look no further!

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What makes a great hairdresser?

Style is such a personal thing that different people will have different opinions on the types of cuts or colouring services that makes a hairdressers in Canberra should provide. However, there are some key factors that you should look for when searching for a leading hairdressing salon.

  • Highly trained: When it comes to your hair, you want to feel comfortable knowing that you are in the safe hands of a highly trained professional. While you could save some money going to a new hairdresser or someone who hasn't had much training, you may find yourself dealing with an unsightly cut that you aren’t happy with.
  • Friendly atmosphere: It’s important for you to feel comfortable with your hairdresser, so that you can tell them if you want something changed or altered during your haircut or colouring session.
  • Hair care: Well trained hairdressers will be able to give you advice and recommendations about how to care for your new haircut or colour at home, to make your salon look last that much longer. Trained hairstylists will also know when a certain cut or colour isn’t a good idea for you, because of the damage it might do to your hair. If you have very dark hair and want to go platinum blonde, for example, they will be able to work with you to do the colouring over multiple sessions so that your hair doesn't become damaged.
  • Price: Your hair salon should be able to provide you with a quote up-front for the service that you are after, so that you don’t have any surprises when you come to pay!

How much do hairdressers charge in Canberra?

Your hair salon bill will vary depending on the service that you are after. For example, a simple trim and wash could be as little as $40, but a hair colour transformation could be $200-$400 or even more! Make sure that you shop around at different salons and ask them for a quote on your desired service.

The best hairdressers in Canberra 2024

To be listed as one of Canberra’s best businesses, Canberra Daily requires them to have maintained a track record of positive reviews on Google and Facebook, with a minimum average of 4/5 stars. We also check to see if businesses have verified customer reviews. Interested in having your business listed on Canberra's Best? Click here to learn more.

When looking for a hairdresser or hair salon in the Canberra region, check out our list of the best local businesses below.

Listing Reviews

Bentleys Hair of Canberra

The friendly team at Bentleys make it a priority for you to feel at home as soon as you enter their salon, so that you can be comfortable throughout the entire experience.

Their expert stylists are capable of delivering a range of different hairstyles and pride themselves on listening, understanding and guiding you to deliver the hair you want so you can leave feeling happy and confident.

Annie Gregg wrote this glowing review on Google; “Great staff who despite being busy made sure you were looked after. June’s cutting skill outstanding. Great value too. No wonder they are busy!”

Listing Reviews

Xanthus Hair

Xanthus Hair is a boutique salon located in the heart of Jamison, providing quality hairdressing services in a welcoming atmosphere.

Xanthus offers a wide range of services, catering to various hair needs and preferences, while they also like to stay on top of current trends. They are the best in Canberra when it comes to colouring services, while they also offer hair cuts, styling and other treatments.

The salon boasts a team of experienced and skilled hairdressers who are passionate about their craft. Each stylist at Xanthus brings their unique touch to the salon, while collectively maintaining a high standard of professionalism and expertise.

On Google, Leah left this five-star review: “They are very professional and done a great job on my hair. I’ll definitely be back in the near future. Highly recommend.”

  • Phone
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    3/8 Jamison Centre, Macquarie ACT 2614, Australia
Listing Reviews

Bentleys Hair at Red Hill

Bentleys Hair at Red Hill is part of the famous Bentleys of Canberra family known for its quality service, professional expertise and warm ambiance.

Their highly trained team is dedicated to providing you with all your haircare needs with technical skill and open communication, while offering a wide range of hair services.

Jennifer Mirpuri left this five-star review on Google: “So happy to finally find a hair dresser that can handle my long, very thick hair. Every time I leave this salon after my visit I’m so happy with my great colour and how they’ve beautifully styled it. Each visit is my pamper day!”

Saatu Hair Design

Saatu Hair Design have a team of three experienced stylists with over 57 years’ experience cutting, treating and styling hair.

They offer a range of services including treatments, colouring, perms, style cuts and more.

Jaiden Redman wrote this positive review on Google; “Saatu hair design is fantastic! I’ve had my hair cut by all three of the very talented people at Saatu and I personally recommend asking for Metta. Metta’s enthusiasm is great and she is a total miracle worker of hair! Every time I’ve seen Metta I’ve had a good experience and a better haircut lol. Couldn’t recommend her enough!”

Cataldo’s Salon

Since 1965, Cataldo’s has established themselves as one of Canberra’s leading hair salons by holding themselves to a high standard and providing a quality service.

Their team of professional hairdressers are dedicated to finding the perfect hair style to suit each individual customer.

Katie Roche-Freedman left this five star review on Google; “The most reliable, professional and talented hairdressers. I have the thickest hair and Cataldos always nail the haircut and styling. I go there every 2 weeks because they’re the only people I trust with my hair. From haircuts, to blowdrys to upstyles – they do it all. I recommend them to everyone I know. The best in the business!!!”

Franco of Canberra Hairdressing

Franco of Canberra have been making their mark on the community since founder, Franco Calabria opened the salon in 1956.

Their team of stylists work with closely with their clients to better understand the style of hair they want. They offer a range of services for all types of hair, using sound techniques and quality products.

Mooi Hair CBR

Mooi Hair is all about celebrating the beauty in all people and making clients feel confident, empowered and celebrated.

The modern salon has a relaxing environment, making clients feel at ease while getting their hair done, while the staff are award winning, highly skilled hairdressers with plenty of experience in the industry.

Ka Pers left this five star review on Google; “I love Mooi! Great customer service – attentive, thoughtful, professional. Lovely salon with clean, fresh layout, facilities and drinks/snacks. Anita has been cutting my hair for years and it is a great outcome every time! Thanks Mooi!”

Axis Hair

Axis Hairdressing have spent 30 years in business making Canberran’s feel better about themselves through quality hair styling.

Their experienced and diverse team of professionals can assist with a range of services including haircuts, colouring, hair extensions, straightening and more.

Allegra Petkovich left this five star review on Google; “I have only ever gone to Axis for my hair and never left unsatisfied. The people, quality of product and service always exceed my highest expectations. They are not only incredibly equipped at what they do (always make you feel a million bucks) but they have an amazing team, always greeted with a smile. Love this place, highly recommend!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my hairdresser help me decide what style cut looks best for me?

Yes, any good hairdresser will be more than happy to offer quality advice on what to do with your hair. They should be able to understand what style and length of hair will suit your face shape and also what colour may look best on you.

How much does a cut and colour cost?

The cost of your trip to the hair salon will depend on what services you are after. If you want a full colour that requires adding foils then the cost will likely rise with some salons charging over $200. A simple wash and colour will be far less expensive.

Can my hairdresser give me advice to look after my hair?

Yes, hairdressers are usually very knowledgable when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. They should be able to offer you sound advice on what products to use at home to keep your hair in great condition between trips to the salon.

What should I do if I don't like my cut or colour?

Different salons may have different policies when it comes to refunds on a haircut or colour you don’t like so make sure to check before you head in.

Can a hairdresser assist with hair color choices?

Yes, hairdressers are skilled in hair coloring techniques and can assist you in choosing the right hair color. They consider factors such as skin tone, eye color, and hair type to recommend suitable shades. They can provide guidance on natural or bold color options, highlights, balayage, or other coloring techniques that will complement your features and personal style.