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Canberra’s best solar panel installers

Canberra’s best solar panel installers

Solar power is becoming much more popular with homeowners and business owners alike. Not only are you contributing to clean energy and potentially saving on your electricity bills, but governments are increasingly offering solar rebate programs to give a financial incentive to those families or businesses using solar power. So if you’re looking to make the switch to solar and are after the best solar panel installers in Canberra, then look no further!

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How much does it cost to install solar panels in Canberra?

This will depend on the style of solar system that you are looking at but the cost to get an entry level solar system installed will begin at $4500, and can go up to close to $10,000 for 10kW systems.

What does a 5kW system cost in Canberra?

A 5kW system is considered the entry level solar system, and will cost starting at $4500 in Canberra, which is considerably cheaper than in other areas of the country where it can start at around $5200 or more.

What size solar system is best for me?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to solar! Depending on your energy needs, a bigger system may work best for you, or you may find that a smaller system will be the perfect size without producing too much excess.

For example, if your household energy needs is around 25kWh, a 5kW solar system would probably be the best fit for you. It would generate enough energy to cover most of your daytime energy usage, but it wouldn’t create too much excess ‘wasted’ solar that would then get exported into the grid. There are lots of great calculators that you can use online to assess your solar needs.

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