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Ginninderry unveils new suburb: Macnamara

There’s a new suburb on the block! Ginninderry have unveiled the latest addition to their project with a new suburb titled Macnamara.

Named after renowned medical researcher, Dame Jean Macnamara, the suburb sits just west of Strathnairn and borders a pristine conservation corridor with spectacular views of the Brindabella Mountains.

There are 71 blocks of land and 55 house and land packages that will be made available in the suburb over the coming weeks.

Project Director of Ginninderry, Steve Harding, said the development’s second suburb is an opportunity to further their commitment to inspire a new way of living.

“Part of that will see Macnamara become the first Canberra suburb with all homes requiring a minimum 7-Star Energy Rating. Macnamara benefits from an incredible position overlooking the Brindabellas and, ultimately, when the new suburb of Macnamara is fully developed, residents will be able to take advantage of community gardens, nearby dog parks and play areas like ‘Paddys Park’ in our first suburb of Strathnairn,” Mr Harding said.

“In addition, Macnamara is well-positioned to provide for future easy access to new recreation and picnic areas proposed in the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor. Every home will be in easy walking distance from a bus stop while a connected network of pedestrian and cycling paths will provide access ways throughout Ginninderry and the broader West Belconnen.”

The first release blocks of land will range in size from 350sqm to 935sqm and ballot registrations will close on 4 February.

The packages will be available via Ginninderry’s GX Display Village builders.

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