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Latest news: Australia

Saving the new fashion as financial pain hits retailers

Tax cuts and energy rebates will help prop up family budgets but the long wait for interest rate cuts should keep spending subdued.

More delays for stranded Australians in New Caledonia

French authorities have advised further evacuation flights for Australians in New Caledonia would not be able to take place on Thursday.

Australia urged to strike Assange deal after court win

An independent MP and the journalists' union are urging the Australian government to secure a deal with the US to drop charges against Julian Assange.

The walk for basic income arrives at Parliament House

Daniel Hart, founder of You B I, wants to see a world where every adult receives regular unconditional payments that covers basic needs.

All Australians to get support, PM says, even the rich

Even the richest Australian will receive cost-of-living help, the prime minister insists, because pressures are felt throughout the income scale.

From the moon to the NMA, Mr Squiggle makes the trip of a lifetime

After 65 years of travelling through space, our hearts and TVs Mr Squiggle has landed at his final stop, the National Museum of Australia.

National cabinet to tackle men’s violence against women

Australia's leaders will convene for an emergency meeting to tackle violence against women after crowds demanded action at weekend marches across the country.

Australia gives $100m to Ukraine during minister’s trip

Air defence systems, unmanned drones and equipment such as helmets and boots will be provided to Ukraine as part of a new $100 million Australian aid package.

New hope for Aussies battling early stage breast cancer

Australians who face a high chance of cancer returning have been given new hope with the federal government expanding a treatment subsidy.

Rich get richer than rest: Australia’s wealth gap grows

Australia's wealthiest households have comparatively added more to their pile than those at the bottom and rising unemployment is set to further widen the gap.

Australia ‘outraged’ over aid worker Zomi Frankcom being killed in Gaza

Anthony Albanese wants to speak with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu after an Australian aid worker was killed in Gaza, leaving the nation "outraged".