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Latest news: Biosecurity

New biosecurity laws for the ACT

The ACT Government will implement new biosecurity laws intended to protect Canberra from pests and diseases.

Farmers will help pay for new $1b biosecurity system

Farmers will be hit with "modest" fees under a new national $1 billion biosecurity system, which the federal government describes as the first model to consistently protect the industry from threats of disease and pests.

Secrecy around waste company that illegally dumped imported meat

The federal government is refusing to name a national company trusted to manage biosecurity risks after it illegally dumped hundreds of kilograms of imported meat.

Pet owners fear long quarantine waits in Australia

Tougher quarantine rules designed to protect against the risk of a rabies outbreak could lead to a blowout in wait times for people looking to bring pets into the country.

Task force to look at biosecurity risks

An expert biosecurity task force will be set up by the federal government to prevent a devastating outbreak of foot and mouth disease from reaching Australia. 

Border won’t close to Indonesia: Agriculture minister

Australia will not close its border to arrivals from Indonesia amid an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, Agriculture Minister Murray Watt says. 

Australia beefs up biosecurity for foot and mouth disease

Biosecurity officers will begin boarding planes arriving from Indonesia as Australian authorities try to stop the highly contagious foot and mouth disease entering the country.

NSW limits bee movements after mite alert

Movement of all hives and bee products in NSW has been halted to stop the spread of varroa mite, which poses a serious threat to the honey industry.