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Friday, May 31, 2024

Latest news: CSIRO

Canberra author highlights creatures of the Ice Age

Local author Bronwyn Saunders shines the light on one an overlooked Ancient Australian creatures in Diprotodon: A Megafauna Journey.

Canberra pianist, scientist and philanthropist a rare breed

You’ve probably heard of science in the pub but how about birds and blues, a monthly piano session with local musician and CSIRO scientist of 18 years, Dr Leo Joseph. To clarify, this...

Canberra’s retired academics don’t know when to stop

There’s a saying that if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life and that holds true for many retired academics in Canberra who continue to work well past retirement – for nothing.

Elizabeth Lee urges Federal Labor to release CSIRO Ginninderra site

An election promise by Zed Seselja has been championed by Liberals Leader Elizabeth Lee, who has raised a motion in the ACT Legislative Assembly this week calling on all MLAs to back the hoped-for release of the CSIRO Ginninderra site.

Australia’s CSIRO claims silver at ‘Robot Olympics’

A technically brilliant team led by Australia's national science agency has kicked NASA's butt in a global challenge deep inside the bowels of the Earth.

Clinical trial targets dementia risk in middle aged

An Australian first clinical trial is aiming to reduce dementia risk in middle aged adults. Dementia is the second leading cause of death in Australia and almost 500,000 people have the disease.

Canberra home to new world ranked supercomputer

Australia’s newest supercomputer Gadi, stationed in Canberra, has ranked number 25 in the global TOP500 overnight.

Canberra to host event to future-proof national water use

Canberra will host ‘H2O Hack’ later this month, a virtual public event that focuses on future-proofing Australia’s water use.

Tracking COVID-19 in wastewater a step toward early warning system

Australian researchers have achieved the first step in developing an early warning surveillance system to track COVID-19 prevalence in the community through tracing the presence of the novel coronavirus gene in raw...