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Friday, May 24, 2024

Latest news: David Pocock

Senator Pocock: Budget gets the balance wrong

Senator Pocock says the federal budget is a missed opportunity that does not adequately respond to the huge challenges facing Australians.

Pocock: Budget must put people first and help Canberra catch up

Senator David Pocock says the budget must support those suffering from the cost-of-living crisis and invest in health, education and housing.

A Capital for All Australians: Report on the ACT’s future

A parliament committee has made 21 recommendations for Canberra's development, but Senator Pocock believes the Commonwealth can do more.

Pocock: Reform tax concessions to fix housing crisis

Senator Pocock, industry groups, and social welfare advocates are crying out for action on the hosing market before the May budget.

ACT grapples with gaming machine crisis

MLAs Shane Rattenbury and Dr Marisa Paterson, and Senator David Pocock spoke about gambling addiction in the ACT at a symposium today.

ACT Chief Minister seeks stadium co-funding amid location dispute

Chief Minister Andrew Barr asked Federal funding for the new Bruce stadium, but the Liberals wants the PM to stay neutral on location.

Senator Pocock: Government must protect subcontractors

Senator Pocock maintains the Federal Government must stop subcontractors being left out of pocket when construction companies collapse.

Pocock, Archer picked as country’s top politicians

Outspoken, principled and fierce loyalty to their constituents have been cited as key qualities of two of the nation's most outstanding politicians.

Fair Pay for Radio Play: Inquiry into Senator Pocock’s Bill

Today, the Senate will hold an inquiry into Senator David Pocock's Bill to overturn legislative caps on royalty payments for musicians.

Federal government urged to end discrimination by life insurers

Senator David Pocock and others say Australians with a family history of cancer or illness are avoiding life-saving genetic tests.

Pocock urging Taylor Swift to fight for the swifties of the sky

ACT Senator David Pocock has urged Taylor Swift to join the life-and-death fight for swifties of the feathered kind.

Public hearing on Senator Pocock’s climate change bill

The Australian government should have a duty of care to protect young people from climate change, Senator Pocock believes.

Independents for Canberra challenge ACT Labor’s decades-long rule

ACT Labor announced its election candidates on the weekend, but a new group of independents aims to end the party’s two-decade-long grip on power.

Local support for UN ceasefire in Gaza

ACT Independent Senator David Pocock has supported the Australian Government’s call yesterday for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Labor strikes deal to pass Murray-Darling changes

The Albanese government has secured the support of the final crossbench senator it needs to get its contentious Murray-Darling Basin laws over the line.

Children want the right to a healthy environment

Young Australians overwhelmingly want the right to a healthy environment enshrined in law, according to a new report.