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Latest news: Democracy sausage

Where to snag a democracy sausage in Canberra on 14 October

CW has compiled a guide on where to snag a democracy sausage in the Canberra region this Saturday 14 October.

Aussies to devour record number of democracy sausages

Whatever their political leanings, Australians are united by the prospect of a snack after hitting the polling booth each federal election.

Where to snag a democracy sausage around Canberra on polling day

While the pandemic took democracy sausages off the menu when Canberrans last headed to the polls for the ACT elections in October 2020, they’re back for the upcoming federal election.

Election day 2020: No queue, no democracy sausage

This year, despite my best intentions to heed the ACT Electoral Commission’s appeal to “Vote safe. Vote early” – as the vast majority of the ACT electorate did – I found myself waiting until today, Saturday 17 October, the official election day, to cast my vote.

Drones deliver democracy sausages for Palmerston P&C

Do you remember the Victorian man who was fined $9,000 for flying a drone to Bunnings to get a sausage? Well, turns out he may have been the Steve Jobs of the...

Coronavirus source of democracy sausage snag

If you’re on the hunt for a socially distanced democracy sausage sizzle on Eden-Monaro by-election voting day, 4 July, your plans may have hit a snag. While current NSW COVID-19 restrictions technically allow...

Snag yourself a democracy sausage

Whenever Australians head to the polls, they are rewarded for their democratic diligence with a democracy sausage. Democracy sausages, the sausages you buy from your polling place on Election Day, are an ever-popular...