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Latest news: Dry July

More Australians than ever are ‘sober curious’: here’s why

As more and more Aussies are choosing to dial down their alcohol consumption, the “sober curious” movement is fast gaining momentum, and reshaping the way we think about alcohol.

Whipped lemon fizz mocktail

We’re almost at the end of Dry July, and if you’re in need of a boost to get through the final week, food writer Libby Kimber has you covered!

Three marvellous mocktails to try in July

It’s Dry July, the perfect time to test out some new mocktail recipes. Whether it’s an alcohol-free take on a classic, or something new entirely, sometimes a mocktail can be even better...

Are you sober curious?

Alcohol is ingrained in our culture as a way of relaxing, celebrating and having a good time. It can also become a crutch that we rely on to switch off and unwind...