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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Latest news: Electric vehicles

Why ‘noisy’ electric cars could save Australian lives

New rules will force electric and hybrid vehicles to make sounds at low speeds next year, in a move that could save the lives of Australian pedestrians.

Electric vehicles, bikes and scooters under spotlight

An inquiry will probe what new rules are needed to safely operate electric and hybrid cars but it's two-wheeled vehicles that may get the most attention.

Call for more biofuels to keep trucks, utes on the road

Truckies won't have to go electric and Aussies don't have to give up their utes if more biofuels get the green light.

Sustainable e-buses rescue small towns in Australian-first trial

The quintessential Australian small town dilemma – how do I get anywhere without a car, no Uber, and limited or no public transport? - could quickly become a thing of the past...

More ACT businesses receive zero emission vehicle grants

Three businesses have received funding through the ACT Government’s Business Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Grants program.

The stumbling journey of EVs

The forecast triumph of electric vehicles (EVs) is facing headwinds.

A view to a fill: ACT ‘well on the way’ to meeting EV charger target

The north Canberra suburb of Casey’s first public DC fast chargers brings the ACT total to 160 - 20 short of the target of 180 by 2025.

Electric vehicle shipping problems cause a real stink

Thousands of Australian motorists are still waiting to receive electric cars after a new quarantine issue at the border caused by an unexpected pest.

New leader in the race for cheapest electric vehicle

The race to deliver Australia's most affordable electric car has roared to life again, with one manufacturer offering a significant discount to win the title.

Latest electric vehicles rolling into Australia in 2024

After a big year in electric car sales, Australian motorists are expected to get plenty more choices in electric cars in 2024.

Parliament House to power more electric vehicles

The first of more than 50 electric vehicle chargers have opened in Canberra's Parliament House as part of an effort to meet growing demand from visitors.