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Latest news: Fossil fuel

Most Aussies want fossil fuel firms to pay for climate damage

Many Australians believe the toll on communities from more severe storms, floods and bushfires should be covered by coal, oil and gas firms.

Global plastics crisis deepens despite rising concerns

Fossil fuel companies continue to make mind-boggling amounts of new, single-use plastic while doing almost nothing to reuse what already exists, a new analysis says.

ACT to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles by 2035

Petrol and diesel vehicles’ days are numbered in Canberra, the ACT Government has announced: they will be phased out of the market by 2035.

Tim Hollo calls for fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty

Tim Hollo, ACT Greens Federal Candidate for Canberra, and Green MLAs call for a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty at the Stockholm Summit. 

ACT first jurisdiction to divest its big fossil fuel shares

After years of effort by climate activists and Green MLAs, the ACT Government no longer has any shares in any of the world’s 200 biggest fossil fuel companies – becoming the first jurisdiction to divest its shares in the industry.

ACT first in Australia to sign UN anti-coal pledge

The ACT Government became the first Australian jurisdiction to sign a United Nations statement to transition away from coal power.

Coal is not the future, UN climate change expert tells ANU conference

Australia must phase out coal by 2030, the United Nation’s top climate adviser told an ANU conference this week.

Climate protests block fuel terminals

Protesters across Australia have taken to blocking fuel terminals in response to the latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, detailing the dramatic effects of carbon emissions.

Mexico slammed over fireball in Gulf

Environmentalists have criticised Mexico's state-owned oil company after a gas leak at an underwater pipeline unleashed a subaquatic fireball.