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Latest news: Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef sees ‘minor damage’ from Cyclone Jaspar

The Great Barrier Reef was largely unaffected by Cyclone Jasper but short and long-term threats to Australia's world famous natural wonder remain.

ANU: Hotter temperatures spell bad news for Aussie animals

Marine animals across the world, including the Great Barrier Reef, and land animals in tropical climates struggle to adapt to climate change.

New fish species discovered in Great Barrier Reef

A new species of fish has been discovered in the Great Barrier Reef and scientists are hoping to identify seven more unique marine creatures.

Fight ramps up over Great Barrier Reef in-danger listing

Australia's environment minister has used a nature summit in Canada to tell UNESCO the Great Barrier Reef does not deserve an in-danger listing.

Government vows to fight in-danger Great Barrier Reef listing

A United Nations monitoring mission released its long-awaited report on the Great Barrier Reef, saying it should be listed as a World Heritage site in danger.

Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching linked to marine heatwave

Coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef has been linked to a summer "marine heatwave".

Katters call for better Great Barrier Reef investments

Questions have been raised about the application of hundreds of millions of dollars designed to support the Great Barrier Reef.

Palaszczuk backs UNESCO Great Barrier Reef decision

Palaszczuk says the decision not to list the Great Barrier Reef as a World Heritage site "in danger" sets a timeline for its protection.

Reef outlook poor despite coral recovery

The outlook for the Great Barrier Reef remains very poor despite improved coral cover after a year without cyclones and bleaching events.

Diving diplomats to stop Barrier Reef danger call

Australia is taking a group of diplomats diving in an attempt to stop the Great Barrier Reef being listed as in danger.

Queensland calls for more Great Barrier Reef funding

The Queensland premier has called for the Commonwealth to match state funding to protect the Great Barrier Reef.