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Latest news: Nutrition

Mindful eating: The missing piece in your gut health puzzle

Have you heard of mindful eating? Over the past 12 years, I’ve helped thousands of individuals to recover from digestive issues such as IBS and food intolerance. Mindful eating has been a powerful tool to transform these patients (and myself) from bloated and anxious to bloat-free and happy. 

Fermenting goodness

One of the best ways to start improving the health of your microbiome (the diverse range of organisms found in your gut) is to regularly consume fermented foods with your meals. Fermentation only requires basic ingredients and a bit of patience.

Research weighs up sourdough or #sourfaux?

Sourdough or #sourfaux? New research from UNSW Sydney shows that sourdough may not be the healthiest choice in the bread aisle – unless it’s whole grain.

Free new nutrition program for ACT parents

A three-stage program will educate parents about nutrition in pregnancy, introducing solids, and transitioning to ‘family food’.

7 tips for a healthy school lunchbox from nutritionist Susie Burrell

It's back to school for term 2 in the ACT next week - and now's a good time to think about what to pack in a healthy school lunchbox to best support your kids.

Nutritionist debunks vegan myths

What would happen if we all went vegan? Studies suggest that by 2050, food-related greenhouse gas emissions, which account for a third of all greenhouse gases, would be cut by 70 per cent...

To the editor: ‘Nutritionist debunks vegan myths’

This letter to the editor is in relation to the article titled ‘Nutritionist debunks vegan myths’ (CW, 2 February 2022, page 21) based on the “views” of Nina.

Nutritionist’s top tips to stay healthy in lockdown

Congratulations Canberrans on surviving our first month of lockdown. Remember, you are doing great to have come this far, and now is not the time to be putting a world of pressure on...

Local nutritionist Kate Freeman cuts through the ‘diet wankery’

Local nutritionist Kate Freeman, founder of Canberra’s Healthy Eating Clinic and the Healthy Eating Hub, says “diets are dead”.

ACU expert dishes out nutrition advice before Canberra virtual marathon

In anticipation for the start of this weekend’s virtual Canberra marathon, an expert from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) has busted the old runner’s myth on carb loading.