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Latest news: Palestine

Gaza death ‘horrific’, Wong backs US peace proposal

Foreign Minister Penny Wong has called on Israel to accept a US-led peace proposal that would lead to a humanitarian ceasefire and release of hostages by Hamas.

ANU pro-Palestine protesters move on in ‘good faith’ act

Pro-Palestine protesters camped at the Australian National University have moved their camp ahead of a looming police deadline.

Fit the Bill: A suggested solution to the Palestinian/Israeli impasse

Several CW letter writers have called on me to make good on my earlier comments that I would put forward a suggested solution to the constant strife between Israel and the Palestinians. Here goes! First, everyone should be under no illusion about a few basic facts.

Canberra among cities targeted by pro-Palestinian activists

In a worldwide protest yesterday against the war in Gaza, A15 Action called on supporters yesterday to blockade “the arteries of capitalism”.

Australia ‘outraged’ over aid worker Zomi Frankcom being killed in Gaza

Anthony Albanese wants to speak with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu after an Australian aid worker was killed in Gaza, leaving the nation "outraged".

ACT politicians call for permanent ceasefire and recognition of Palestine amid Gaza conflict

Political pressure on the Albanese Government is growing as more politicians have demanded a permanent ceasefire and Australian diplomatic recognition of the state of Palestine.

Local support for UN ceasefire in Gaza

ACT Independent Senator David Pocock has supported the Australian Government’s call yesterday for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Israel announces resumption of combat in Gaza Strip

Israel's military says it has resumed combat operations in the Gaza Strip after a ceasefire with Hamas expired, blaming the militant group for breaking it.

To the editor: Israel and Palestine, Jacinta Price and more

To the editor: Israel and Palestine, Jacinta Price and more

Fit the Bill: Putting the Middle East conflict in context

I am always pleased to see Letters to the Editor commenting on my articles, critical or otherwise. I was pleased to see two last week.

Hundreds killed at Gaza hospital amid disputed claims

Health officials in Gaza say an Israeli air strike has killed hundreds of Palestinians at Al-Ahli al-Arabi hospital, crammed with patients and displaced people.

Pro-Palestine protests to go ahead in Canberra, across the nation

Pro-Palestine rallies will go ahead in Canberra, Perth and Brisbane on Friday, and more will take place in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide over the weekend.