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Latest news: Petrol prices

Most Australians back fuel efficiency standards to cut driving costs

Seven in ten Australian drivers have changed their driving habits in response to skyrocketing fuel prices, according to new national polling commissioned by the Climate Council.

FuelCheck scheme continues in ACT

The ACT Government says access to real-time fuel pricing at petrol stations will save Canberra motorists money.

Spike in petrol prices adding to inflation pain

Australian motorists should not expect fuel price relief any time soon due to a weak exchange rate and volatile oil markets

Petrol prices soar across Australia on back of weak dollar

Motorists are getting hit hard at the pump since the return of the full fuel excise tax, with some cities still yet to reach the peak of their fuel cycles.

Petrol prices already rising across Australia

Petrol prices have already started inching upwards following the reintroduction of the fuel excise tax last week.

Australian motorists brace for fuel price hike

The return of the full fuel excise tax will start showing up at the pump in a matter of days.

Petrol excise relief to end amid price spike fears

The federal government will end petrol excise relief but insists motorists won't be hit too hard at the bowser.

Petrol price rises to further hit budgets as fuel excise returns

The consumer watchdog will be on the lookout for unnecessary price hikes as the fuel excise is reinstated in full later in the month.

Petrol prices across Australia rebound to four-week high

Fuel prices have crept up to a four-week high, with motorists paying just shy of $1.80 a litre on average.

Petrol prices edge upwards across cities

Motorists may have missed an opportunity to fill up cheaply, with many major cities at the top of their fuel cycles.

Australian drivers’ fuel costs hit $100 a week

Cash-strapped Australians filling up at the fuel pump paid an extra $5 a week over the course of the past three months, according to new figures.

Treasurer Jim Chalmers takes aim at petrol price gouging

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has taken aim at petrol companies that don't pass on wholesale price drops to consumers as Australia again stares down an energy crisis.