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Latest news: Plastic waste

Fit the Bill: Plastic waste will choke the world if not combatted

My sadly deceased younger son Joe (died 2 January 2018) was a dedicated scuba diver. Joe, who suffered from rather bad ADHD, loved the ocean and sea life.

ACT passes circular economy legislation

The ACT Government this week passed legislation to create a circular economy in Canberra, Chris Steel MLA announced.

The threat of microplastics

Whilst the collapse of the plastic bag recycling facilities at major supermarkets has recently caught our attention, a more insidious environmental and health crisis is developing away from the headlines. Plastics that enter...

15c plastic Woolies bags are going, going, gone in the ACT

Woolworth’s 15-cent reusable plastic bags will soon be gone in ACT stores, possibly by the end of the month. This is part of Woolworth’s commitment to remove the bags entirely from all stores nationwide by the end of June this year.

Canberra designer’s world-first solution to plastic problem

Canberra could become the first city in the world to design with plastic, Candice Addicoat believes. She turns polyethylene into art.

Rescued green sea turtle hatchling pooed plastic for 6 days

A green sea turtle hatchling rescued from Bondi and taken to Sydney's Taronga Wildlife Hospital pooed plastic for six days, a powerful reminder of the impact marine debris can have on our wildlife.

How to avoid greenwashing on Global Recycling Day

Reduce, reuse, recycle… It’s certainly a catchy mantra, but is the ‘recycled’ ideology nothing more than a myth to ease consumer guilt?

More major ACT events to go single-use plastic-free

The use of single-use plastics will be cut from more major events in Canberra, including at GIO Stadium and Manuka Oval, the ACT Government has announced.

Single-use plastics to be banned in NSW

An array of single-use plastics will be outlawed in NSW within a year after the government's $356 million plan to reduce plastic waste passed parliament.

To the editor: Plastic waste must be cut

It was disturbing to read that incredibly nearly all (84 per cent) of Australia’s 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in landfill each year.

Plastic found inside most young turtles

Most young turtles caught off the coast of Queensland have ingested plastics, new research shows. 

Plastic Free Morning Tea launched in Canberra ahead of Plastic Free July

Aiming for cleaner streets, oceans and communities, the Plastic Free Foundation officially launched a new plastic waste initiative at Government House in Canberra on World Ocean Day, Tuesday 8 June. Known for the...

Education campaign starts ahead of July’s single use plastics ban

An education push for businesses across the ACT has s