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Latest news: Recycling

Canberrans: reduce, reuse, and recycle holiday waste

Canberrans should think sustainably this festive season and look for opportunities to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle where possible.

ACT passes circular economy legislation

The ACT Government this week passed legislation to create a circular economy in Canberra, Chris Steel MLA announced.

Seven ways to recycle your coffee grounds

While we all know the importance of reusable cups, many don’t know the wastage that comes from the coffee grounds themselves. There are a variety of ways you can reuse your used grounds at home. From cleaning, to gardening, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to many household items.

Recycling to keep pace with Reserve Bank

The ACT’s Container Deposit Scheme should perhaps be called a Housing Deposit Scheme because Greenway resident Ashlee Rankin is cashing in cans on a grand scale to help pay off her mortgage.

ACT Government consults on new recycling facilities

The ACT Government is building a new Materials Recovery Facility and the ACT’s first FOGO processing facility.

Lithium batteries caused fire at Hume recycling facility

The fire that destroyed Canberra’s recycling plant, the Materials Recovery Facility in Hume, on Boxing Day last year is believed to have been caused by incorrectly disposed batteries, according to ACT Fire & Rescue.

TreadLightly recycles Australia’s stinky old shoes

The TreadLightly program, backed by the Australian Sporting Goods Association and recycler Save Our Soles, has already recycled more than 600,000 pairs of shoes.

Why electric car batteries may go round and round again

By 2030, more than 1.7 million electric vehicles are expected to be roaming Australian roads, each fuelled by a powerful lithium-ion battery.

Classic cars get a second life at electric vehicle show

Vintage vans, old-school station wagons and classic cars on show in Sydney are being given electric makeovers to keep them on roads longer.

Calls for governments to step in over REDcycle blunder

The NSW government is being called on to act on the issue of massive stockpiles of plastic potentially headed for landfill under the stalled supermarket REDcycle scheme.

More sites uncovered from failed soft plastic recycling program

Soft plastics that should have been recycled have been found stored at four more warehouses in Melbourne's western and northern suburbs.

Save Our Soles giving new life to old school shoes

Rather than chucking away old pairs of school shoes, sneakers and boots, parents are being urged to reuse or recycle to reduce the growing pile of waste from unwanted footwear.

Old bike tyres put the cycling in recycling

Still looking for a new years resolution? Why not join Tyrecycle and Revolve ReCYCLING's bike tyre and tube recycling solution.