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Latest news: RSPCA ACT

Help RSPCA ACT through ruff times at the Million Paws Walk

The Million Paws Walk returns to Patrick White Lawns on Sunday 26 May to raise much needed funds for the RSPCA ACT.

National Pet Day in Canberra

Today is National Pet Day, celebrating the joy that pets bring to their owners. But some animals need adoption, the RSPCA and DAS say.

RSPCA ACT: No hot cross buns or chocy eggs for pets this Easter

Easter treats while delicious can be extremely detrimental to our pets, RSPCA ACT tells us how to celebrate with our pets this weekend.

It’s raining puppies and kittens at RSPCA ACT

The pitter-patter of little paws is filling up the rooms and corridors of RSPCA ACT as more and more puppies arrive at the shelter.

The animal welfare side, the Canberra cat café Reddit shut down

A post on Reddit led to the closure of Canberra's Tabby Time Cat Café & Child Care, foster organisation Paws For More shares their side.

Zeffa the cat reunited with owner 6 years after being presumed dead

A Canberra woman and her 12-year-old cat have been reunited, more than six years after ‘Zeffa’ was presumed dead.

Ten tips to keep your pets safe this summer

As the sun heats things up across Canberra, pet owners are being reminded to ensure the whole family remains cool in the summer months.

Santa paws is coming, how to keep pets happy and safe this Christmas

When making a list and checking it twice, our fluffy, scaly, and feathered family members usually end up being nice. Unsure of what to give your pet this Christmas or whether they...

Should you feed Canberra’s street cats?

If a hungry-looking stray cat is hanging around, you might feel like you are being kind by offering it a meal – but are you doing the best thing for that cat?

RSPCA ACT calls for more foster carers as kitten season ramps up

An influx of stray felines, combined with a heightened risk of disease among the cats, has led to an urgent call from the RSPCA ACT for more volunteer foster carers. 

Having kittens: RSPCA ACT looking for foster carers

Kitten season has begun - and the RSPCA ACT is looking for people to foster the 1,000+ kittens they will take in.