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Latest news: Skin

It’s About Time We Met this naturally brilliant oil

Combining science and nature, Aussie skincare brand About Time We Met was inspired by the healing power of sandalwood when launching their range.

Skin deep: world first drug gives hope to Australia’s ‘butterfly children’

It’s a beautiful moniker, but for Australia’s ‘butterfly children’ it belies a devastating reality filled with enormous pain and suffering caused by a rare skin condition – Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Canberra’s best skin clinics

Here is a list of Canberra's best skin clinics. Click here if you're looking for trusted, well-skilled professionals in Canberra.

Local sports clubs rally for National Skin Cancer Action Week

Local sportspeople are stepping up to the plate as Skin Cancer Community Champions, reminding Canberrans to stay SunSmart and get your skin checked. National Skin Cancer Action Week, 20-26 November, is focused on...

Warming weather triggering your skin?

Local integrative dermatology clinic, Healthy Skin Solutions, is committed to not only treating the symptoms of their patients’ skin conditions but treating the underlying causes as well.

New to Canberra winter? Try Healthy Skin Solutions

Healthy Skin Solutions focuses on long-term remission, treating the entire person, and not just the symptoms.

When you can’t keep up with creams, try Healthy Skin Solutions

The experts at leading Canberra skin clinic, Healthy Skin Solutions, say it’s never too late to treat a skin disorder that keeps coming back.

WWTA: Eat more colour for glowing skin

It’s the age-old question of health and wellbeing: When will I see results? We ask it at the gym, in our kitchens, and about our skincare. Life-Space Probiotics + Skin has the...

This week be aware that ‘skin cancer doesn’t discriminate’

It may not feel like it right now, Canberra, but Australia is one of the sunniest countries on Earth. Don’t be fooled by our lack of beaches and current surplus of clouds, melanoma...

Science Skincare, where nature meets science

Canberra-based Science Skincare hand picks premium, active, Australian native ingredients like Caviar Lime, Kakadu Plum, and Noni Fruit for the proven benefit for your skin’s health.

Syncing your skincare

For many women, period skin is just another thing to deal with at that time of the month. We try to cover it, to hide it, and wait it out, but the...