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Dr Vivienne Lewis: The importance of taking breaks

My clients and students regularly come to me saying they are exhausted and just trying to get to the end of their exams or the Christmas break. For most of us, this break is still a few months away and just continuing on and busting your gut to get to the end is not the best way to go.

Social media, low self-compassion behind rise in cosmetic surgery

A recent study by the University of South Australia (UniSA) found that young women who regularly engage with social media were excessively self-judgemental and more likely to consider cosmetic surgery.

ANU conducts groundbreaking research into earthquakes

ANU researchers are shooting lasers down fibre optic cable to sense and record what’s happening below the Earth’s surface.

Ample sleep can delay onset of dementia, ANU study finds

A recent study by researchers at The Australian National University has shown that the right amount of sleep becomes even more important to brain health upon reaching middle age.

Study seeks to improve understanding around chronic pain

Researchers from the University of South Australia studied how young people understand chronic pain, in hopes of helping sufferers “debunk pain myths” and better manage their symptoms. Lead researcher and pain expert, Dr Hayley Leake says that where people think their pain is coming from matters, as unhelpful beliefs can prevent them from accessing the best care.

ACT principals report highest rates of violence and threats, ACU finds

An annual survey by Australian Catholic University has revealed that escalating threats and violence, punishing workloads, and chronic staff shortages have hit school principals hard nation-wide.

Do Aussies want to get married?

New research shows that nearly half of single Aussies don’t ever want to get married, while 28 per cent are unsure. That leaves just 29 per cent of Aussie singles who are the 'marrying type.'

Beat lunchbox guilt with onigiri!

If you’re looking for unique lunchbox fillers to try, why not take notes from the Japanese? Onigiri are widely sold in Japanese convenience stores as they are super easy to grab and go

Bushfires to kill thousands, finds study

More severe and frequent bushfires could kill nearly 2500 Australians in the next 10 years and cost $110 million in healthcare bills, a new report shows.

A Mediterranean diet boosts health and also improves fertility

New research shows that the Mediterranean diet may also help with fertility.

What’s up Doc? Healthcare workers take out hottest profession

How did a worldwide pandemic affect our perception of attractiveness as a society? We know that online dating usage surged from late 2019 to 2022, as lockdowns and isolation took a global loneliness...

Sport, sleep or screens: app reveals ‘just right’ day for kids

Not too sport heavy, not too sleep-deprived – finding the ‘just right’ balance in a child’s busy day can be a challenge and a world-first app could provide a much-needed solution. Developed by...

Study paves way for architectural use of end-of-life tyres

A new study has potentially provided new opportunities for the reuse of end-of-life