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Latest news: Ukraine

Australia gives $100m to Ukraine during minister’s trip

Air defence systems, unmanned drones and equipment such as helmets and boots will be provided to Ukraine as part of a new $100 million Australian aid package.

Fit the Bill: Don’t forget about Ukraine

The Gaza/Israeli war has bumped the long-running Russian invasion of Ukraine off the front pages, but that deadly conflict continues, and a fickle West cannot lose sight of it. 

A world away from war, Russian community prays for peace

As the Russian-Ukrainian war rages thousands of kilometres away, the small Russian Orthodox Church community in Narrabundah is quietly praying for peace. Father Alexander Morozow says he is opposed to the war...

NMA’s exhibition of power and beauty introduces Ukrainian tour

In a bid to show continuing support for Ukraine amid the Russian invasion, the National Museum of Australia has introduced a Ukrainian audio tour for the Feared and Revered exhibition.

Ukraine supporters protest child deportation outside Russian embassy

This Saturday Canberra's Ukraine supporters head to the Russian Embassy to protest child deportation.

Russia unleashes ‘largest’ drone attack before Kyiv Day

Russia has unleashed multiple waves of air strikes on Kyiv overnight in what officials say appeared to be the largest drone attack on the city since the start of the war, as the Ukrainian capital prepared to celebrate the anniversary of its founding on Sunday.

Kangara Waters residents knit together to help Ukraine

While the men are in the Men’s Shed, the women at Kangara Waters Retirement Village are arming themselves with knitting needles and 8-ply wool (for scarves and hats, 5-ply wool for rugs...

Russian forces step up strikes on key cities in Ukraine

Russian forces have been besieging Ukrainian cities in the eastern Donetsk region for months in the longest battle in more than a year of war.

Ukrainians celebrate Palm Sunday amid church dispute

Ukrainians have marked Palm Sunday in their most revered Orthodox site that is at the heart of a religious dispute playing out in parallel with the war.

Finland joins NATO, Russia threatens ‘countermeasures’

Finland has officially joined the NATO alliance in a historic realignment of Europe's post-Cold War landscape triggered by Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

Arrest over Russia cafe blast that killed war blogger

Russia has arrested a woman suspected of blowing up a prominent war blogger in a St Petersburg cafe as nationalist politicians and commentators accuse Ukraine of the crime and called for retribution.

‘Unissued Diplomas’ preserves stories of Ukrainian students

Sunday 2 April will be the last day for Canberrans to see an exhibit that has travelled to 45 universities, in 20 countries across the world. 'Unissued Diplomas' was created for the Ukrainian uni students who died following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, written, organised, and carried around the world by their peers who lived on to tell their tales