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Latest news: Wellness

Discover true beauty from the inside out at Authentix

Passionate, qualified and dedicated to ensuring their clients feel the best they can, the team at Authentix Beauty and Wellness Clinic in Braddon makes their clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

Cancer patients receive free consultation at UC wellness clinic

Up to 250 cancer patients per year can now receive their first consultation free at the UC Cancer Wellness Clinic thanks to a donation by Capital Chemist Group.

The healing power of herbal teas

Infusing herbs in hot water extracts not only delicious aromas but also a great deal of the healing properties of the plant used. It’s likely you have some herbal teas in your...

Can you balance on one leg for 10 seconds?

Those who passed the balance on one leg test had a much lower rate of mortality than those that failed the test.

Harness your fear for good

In emotional terms, it’s healthier and more realistic to allow yourself to experience the full range of emotions, from pleasant to unpleasant.

Yoga can help calm your nervous system

Should getting back to yoga be on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Director of Canberra Yoga Space, Eli Haski, says 2022 might be a better time for it than ever. “With everything...

How to nail your New Year’s resolutions: Tips from a psychologist

With 2022 fast approaching, many Canberrans might already have a few New Year’s resolutions in mind. Perhaps you want to pick up a new hobby or start reading the news. After almost two...

Find the gift of being in the present

I’m sure most of us would agree that it would be nice to experience states of contentment, peace and happiness more regularly in our lives.

What is wellness?

Wellness and illness are like the North and South Pole on the continuum of wellbeing.

Time to recharge

Holidays are knocking on the door and soon any families will have some quality time together to rest and recharge the batteries.

Winter wisdom: the power of sleep and nourishment

In traditional healing modalities like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda, living in harmony with the seasons is considered one of the keys to sustained wellbeing. Much of the wisdom from these...

Overcoming unhealthy habits

Capital Hydrotherapy’s Kirra Rankin shares her top tips for overcoming those unhealthy habits during COVID-19. How much has your lifestyle changed over the past two months? A little? A lot? Drastic overhaul? One in...

Finding pleasure in a time of upheaval

A dear client of mine checked in with me last week to see how Live Well was going in the midst of the current upheaval. He remarked that despite the sadness and...