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Latest news: Year in review

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: December

The final month of the year brought us both joy and tragedy, starting with the death of a teenage girl from meningococcal after attending a music festival here in Canberra. Potential investors were given the heads up on which suburbs will be hot in the coming year.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: November

November started with tragedy after the bodies of a local mother and her two sons were discovered in a Gungahlin waterway. Things continued to seem dark when the ABS released a study saying that mortality rates in Australia had increased this year.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: October

October in Canberra had its up and downs, including a partial collapse of a retaining wall at a building site. Thankfully, it happened when no one was there avoiding what could have been a tragedy.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: September

September brought mourning across the nation, as Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. Canberra house prices continued to fall as interest rates continued to rise, and a fun...

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: August

In August, heavy rainfall continued across Canberra – just four days in, emergency services had received over 120 calls for assistance. A single shooter was apprehended at Canberra airport - thankfully with...

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: July

In July, Canberrans were wondering what the heck is up with the tap water lately, and what can we do about the taste? The menu at OMI was far better received, with...

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: June

Canberra Daily's June 2022 highlights include Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Caroline Kennedy was sworn in as US Ambassador to Canberra, CIT's contract scandal, and more.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: May

Canberra Daily's May 2022 highlights include electing a Federal Labor Government, CW journalist Nick Fuller sat down with the ACT's first ever Independent Senator David Pocock, a Yass Valley Highland bull sold for a six-figure sum, and more.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: April

Canberra Daily's April 2022 highlights include the federal election campaign, an exclusive interview with Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Australia's first kava lounge, and more.

Year in review: March 2022

March marked two years since the coronavirus pandemic began; and Mohammed Ali was named ACT Citizen of the Year.

Year in review: February 2022

In February, COVID-19 restrictions eased, Russia invaded Ukraine, and the Chief Minister set an agenda of economic recovery.

Canberra Daily’s 2022 in review: January

January 2022 was a month of storm damage, arson, and concern about COVID; Ancient Greeks, Summernats, and the return to school.