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6 tips to prep for the Friends Reunion

One of the most iconic, culture-defining shows of a generation is coming back to TV screens as the highly anticipated reunion special of Friends airs on 27 May. After months of rumours, Jennifer...

Bridgerton binge home inspo

63 million households around the world binged on Bridgerton, the racy Jane Austin-meets-Scandal drama, confirming it as a cultural phenomenon.

Six simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with who you love

As the hustle and bustle of the world’s most loved-up day approaches, it is important to remember that the love you celebrate on Valentine’s Day can come in many different forms, from...

Keeping busy isn’t the best way to stay sane in quarantine

One year into the pandemic mandatory quarantine remains a common occurrence in the ACT, and a new RMIT University study reveals keeping busy may not be the best way to cope with...

Canberrans describe their 2020: the good, the bad and the brutal

CW journalist Cassandra Power asked Canberrans to describe their 2020; their plans and how they adapted to change, what skills they may have picked up or personal challenges they have overcome.

Must-watch Christmas movies over the 2020 festive season

Newstate Media’s Calum Thomson lists his top 10 Christmas movies (plus a few extras) to watch over the 2020 festive season.

What’s streaming in October in Australia

CW shares our list of the best new streaming content available for your viewing pleasure across Australia's streaming services in October.

How to create the ultimate media room

A media room can provide the perfect environment for binge-watching your favourite movies or shows, as well as add value to your property.

The best movies streaming in May

Decisions, decisions. Have you finished Netflix during isolation? Here’s some new streaming releases to keep you entertained in May.

Survival tips from an expert in lockdown survival

Survival tips from an expert in lockdown survival by Martin Ed Chatterton, author of The Tell and many other fine books. I knew things had crossed a line when I read an article...