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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Latest news: Electricity

Australia’s government-induced transition to a high-cost, unreliable electricity supply

Australian governments are forcing a “transition” in electricity supply from coal (and gas) to wind and solar. Though the ACT has virtually no electricity generation other than that from rooftops, it leads the way in terms of its purchasing contracts for grid-sourced renewables.

Evoenergy: inspecting powerlines by helicopter

Evoenergy, the ACT electricity and gas distributor, is conducting its annual aerial inspection program this month.

ACT Government responds to embedded electricity network review

An independent review into embedded electricity networks was tabled in 2023. The ACT Government today published its response.

Evoenergy launches 12 Days of Christmas safety campaign

Over the 12 days of Christmas, Evoenergy is running a safety campaign educating Canberrans on potential electric dangers during summer.

ACT energy policy denies consumers choice

On 8 December, the ACT became the first Australian jurisdiction to ban gas connections to new housing developments.

Canberra aims for net zero emissions with ANU’s expertise

Experts at the Australian National University (ANU) will develop a map to guide the ACT’s transition to an all-electric economy.

ACT’s Commercial Kitchen Trial helps hospitality businesses

The ACT Government has launched an Australian-first trial to help hospitality businesses transition towards all-electric cooking.

To the editor: Electricity prices, light rail costs, nuclear, animal welfare and more

This week, letter writers discuss electricity prices, light rail costs, animal welfare, respond to Bill Stefaniak and plenty more.

ACT politicians to vote on ending fossil fuel gas connections

A bill to be voted on in the Legislative Assembly today could end new fossil fuel gas network connections in the ACT.

AGL has ‘time tunnel’ to Australia’s energy transition

The energy transformation is playing out on a small island in South Australia's industrial heartland, where one of the biggest emitters is shaping the future.

Chief Minister visits South Korea and Japan

An ACT Government trade mission will visit South Korea and Japan this week focused on the electrification of the ACT. 

ACT’s first battery connected to National Electricity Market

The 10-megawatt, two-hour (20 megawatt hour) battery is the first of dozens that will be installed in the ACT over the next couple of decades.