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Latest news: Wellbeing

‘Forever chemicals’ found in Canberra Drinking Water

Wesley Smith discusses a policy change on forever chemicals by the US Environmental Protection Agency and why it matters to Canberra.

Sick of being sick? How to cope psychologically when you’re not well

Feeling fed up when you're sick? Dr Vivienne Lewis gives you some hints on how to feel mentally okay when your body is unwell.

Magnesium health benefits: muscle, mind and sleep

Wesley Smith explains what magnesium is and the benefits of having an ample supply of the nutrient in our bodies.

The psychological importance of celebrating birthdays

Dr Vivienne Lewis explains why it is important to consider the wants of our loved ones and friends when celebrating their birthdays.

How to support someone going through domestic violence

Dr Vivienne Lewis explains how to support a loved one who may be experience a domestically violent relationship.

The importance of Vitamin D

Wesley Smith explains what vitamin D does and why it is so important that we ensure we have enough of it in our system.

Mediterranean diet linked to decrease in anxiety and stress

Research from the University of South Australia has found that a Mediterranean diet can reduce stress and anxiety in older people.

Improve flexibility in just eight minutes a week

A study from the University of South Australia has discovered it takes as little as eight minutes each week to optimise flexibility progress.

The psychological benefits of volunteering

Dr Vivienne Lewis explains how volunteering and helping others can positively impact our own wellbeing and boost our mood.

Discover true beauty from the inside out at Authentix

Passionate, qualified and dedicated to ensuring their clients feel the best they can, the team at Authentix Beauty and Wellness Clinic in Braddon makes their clients feel beautiful from the inside out.

The psychological benefits of being single

This is for all those single people out there experiencing pity from partnered friends, constantly being set up or asked why they’re single.

Want a healthier gut? Try the 30 Foods Challenge

Wes Smith explains the importance of a healthy gut and how the 30 Foods Challenge can help you feel better from the inside out.