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How to spot your friendship soulmate

Notice I said friendship soulmate? When we think of what a soulmate is we often think of it in a romantic sense, but I want to talk here about those friends we have that are our friendship soulmates.

Our soulmate friend is someone we feel connected to in a way that is more significant and profound than with any other person and we might have several. It can feel almost like something higher than ourselves has brought this person into our life. They’re that person who you might not have seen or spoken to in ages but as soon as you talk to them, it’s like you just spoke yesterday. They’re the person you can just talk about anything with including what’s relevant right here, right now, no need to re-cap since you last spoke. Despite how far away they might be, perhaps they’re an overseas friend, it never stops you from connecting. They’re that person who when you see something funny you want to tell them about it because you know they’ll find it funny too or at least they’ll join in with your enthusiasm.

Our soulmate friend is the one that may have known us for years and yet the connection is just as strong over the years. Despite changes in jobs, relationships, kids and mental health challenges, you’ve stayed just as close even if you might not have seen them in years. You understand each other and you often know the right things to say to each other to cheer each other up and be supportive. They get your sense of humour and they know how you’ll respond to something.

Soulmates are often described as a friendship that is just simple and easy. Someone you don’t have to try hard with. It’s never a struggle with this person and you’re comfortable being silent in each other’s company when it’s needed. It’s no effort.

This person always supports you, no matter how crazy your ideas are. They help you grow as a person and are there in good times and bad. Perhaps you met them at just the right time in your life when you really needed them, or you met them at the strangest time like while travelling or at a party.

Your soulmate finds your quirkiness endearing and they can laugh with you when you tell them about things that irritate you.

You miss them when they’re not around and are so happy just to hear their voice or receive a message from them just to say hi or check in. They accept you unconditionally and you love them.

So, who’s yours? They might be a childhood friend, someone you used to work with, a family friend. If you haven’t found yours yet, they’re out there. Don’t stop looking as they’ll likely show up when you least expect them, and you’ll know instantly when you’ve found them.

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