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Latest news: Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers

Blumers handle the claims, so you can focus on recovery

Solicitors at Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, Alex Rigon and Talia Gedik, share the essentials you need to know about public liability.

Treatment gone wrong? It doesn’t hurt to make a call

If you do end up suffering from substandard medical treatment, the experts at Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help.

Injured at work, now what?

For over 20 years, Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers have helped Canberrans through workers compensation claims.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Phil Schubert

Eighteen years ago, director at Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, Phil Schubert, was the bright-eyed, bushytailed student president at University of New England.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Talia Gedik

Talia Gedik has wanted to be a lawyer ever since she was in school, loving the duality of a clear career path and countless different areas to practice in.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Jessica Carlisle-Goldblatt

A born litigator, solicitor Jessica Carlisle-Goldblatt has a mind for facts and an open ear to clients during one of the most difficult times in life.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Chris Gribble

Chris Gribble is a heavy hitter in developing case strategies for clients to achieve the best possible results out of life’s most challenging times.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Kathryn Day

Kathryn Day has been practising law since October 2021, quickly earning the trust of everyday Canberrans with her warm guidance through the most challenging times.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Alex Rigon

Even in the early years of his career, solicitor Alex Rigon has achieved large settlements for his clients, as he enjoys thoroughly investigating all his matters to get the best possible results.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Amy Burr

Director, Amy Burr, has been at Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers almost from the beginning, working as a solicitor since 2001.

Blumers Lawyers profile: Shaynee Dennis

While solicitor Shaynee Dennis has been practising law for five years, she’s been at Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers for a decade.

Blumers Lawyers: ‘Here for 22 years, here for 22 more’

Between the two of them, directors of Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers, Mark and Noor, have almost 64 years of law practice under their belts.